About Us

Across   China,   OT   employees   work  to  discover  and  bring
life-changing medicines to those who need them, improve the
understanding  and  management of disease, and give back to
communities   through   philanthropy   and  volunteerism.  We
were  founded  in  2001  by Xueliang QIU, a man committed to
creating  high-quality  medicines  that  meet  real needs. More
than  a  decade later, we are passionate about building on this
precedent  in  our  continued  pursuit  to  make  life  better for
individuals,   communities,   and   the   world   around  us.  Our
heritage  and  our values are the foundation of our promise to
unite  caring  with  discovery  to  make  life  better  for  people
around  the  country.

Our mission

Innovate for Beauty

Our values

Innovation, care and trust